This page contains all the links to people that support Chieftain Models, or to other useful sites.

Mainly 28s
A review and comparison site for 28mm/ 1:56th wargames figures, vehicles and rules.

The top wargames site at present. Bill Armintrout has been around for a while, and has an impressive amount of information. A time-consuming site. This is a US-based site.

The Gentlemans' Wargame Parlour
A bulletin-board wargames club. Membership is with approval only, although visitors can view large parts of the postings- members must prove that they are contributing to wargaming in general and the group in particular. Loads of incredible tutorials and eye-candy, and a goldmine of information.

A bulletin-board "replacement" for the message boards at the sadly defunct Wargames Directory. A friendly, knowledgeable and, most importantly, chatty community of gamers who are a lot more laid-back than the TMP crowd.

John Retzer's site. The information here is gleaned form a variety of sources, and the site is more of a link-library than anything else. Very useful, but definitely much more specialized than TMP. This is a US-based site.

A brilliant forum for figure painters and collectors, populated by loads of very skilled painters. Quite a few of my favourite sculptors hang out here too...

Free Wargames Rules
Probably the best site for free wargames rules on the web. It is regularly updated.

Plain-Text Links